What We Have

What we have on a Monday night!


Arts and Crafts

Arts and Crafts offer a selection of things to do. The arts and crafts table is set up most nights and does seasonal things such as Christmas cards and Easter baskets.



Baking is on every week and has lots of tasty food to make then eat. They have a wide selection of food from popcorn to pizza’s. We also have healthy options like fruit and sometimes veggie fajitas. Our baking is also seasonal – at halloween we do monster truffels.


Tuck Shop

Our tuck shop has a wide range for you to enjoy.Theres lots of flavours of Crisps, Sweets from mars bars to Haribo and Fizzy and Soft drinks!


Games and Sports Activitys

We have alot of different games out every night which you and your friends can go up to and play straight away. We use the gym hall at the school which means we can do some sports activitys e.g football,uni hoc and lots more.



The PS2 is set up on a regular basis. You can choose any of our games to play, there are lots! We sometimes set up sing star so you can have a singing competition with your friends!



The Youth Club offers a wide rage of outings.  Some of the outings that we go on are: Lazerquest, Bowling, Fox Lake and many more. We also go to the pantomime at the Kings every year!